7 Bizarre Food Trends

The past few decades have been very experimental with the food and the masses have grown to like it and often some odd-ball creation pops up on the internet and the public goes wild for it. These experimental food trends often tends to provides hope for the taste buds which looks mouthwatering on the social media but might turn out as the golden casket from the Shakespeare’s play.

Let’s look at the most extravagating food trends that promise to captivate the expectation of the adventurous people, ranging from sushi-burrito to glitter latte.
Here are seven bizarre food trends of the past decade

• Gold plated food

In the past few years we have seen a lot of food being covered with gold, whether it is pizza, chicken wings or even simple food as grilled cheese sandwich and ice- cream. This trend went viral not only in The U.S but countries like Japan’s gold Kit- Kat bar, India venturing into this trend by covering their traditional dishes, Dosa and Biriyani with gold. People went crazy over these new items but surely these edible gold plated foods are reserved for those with deep pockets. Many of the food vloggers went on to numerous places to try it. But the question is that does it offer some extra flavor to the meal? And the answer is pure bland ‘no.’

Gold plated items is nothing but extravagating looking meals which tasted just like some other regular food and the only difference is that it’s much more expensive.

• Glitter latte

Another eye appealing food items that comes to our list is ‘Glittered latte’ and the coffee got its fairy dust in 2017. Instagram and Pinterest brought a large number of customers for this eye-catching drink. Although it has been made with edible glitter which is safe to eat but it does not bring any extra flavor.

This drink shows how extra coffee lovers can go and how extra the masses can spend their money on attractive looking things.

• Crazy Burrito

Burritos have been a great go to meal for a lot of people and having it packed with protein and carbs the public has chosen it to be a perfect breakfast. And we have seen breakfast burritos finds fame in the past decade, but that doesn’t stop it from being experimented.

Back in 2017, sushi-burrito was getting into the hype all over internet. It may sound bizarre but this experimental ‘Shushiirrito’ tastes amazing. It was invented by Peter Yen, back in 2011 and since then ‘Shushirrito’ is a thing.

Modern food is all about combination of different cuisines and maybe it’s initially less offensive than it sounds. Since a large number of public is in love with both burritos and sushi. Maybe it’s not that hard to imagine the fusion in your head. The futomaki is the new tortilla and the pork becomes salmon and the salsa turns up into soy sauce but the rice stays the same. It might be easy to laugh but it’s really not bad.

• Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice drink was first introduced in 2003 by most surprisingly Starbucks and from that we have got pumpkin spice sausage, pumpkin spice Pringles and most surprisingly this trend went too far when the pets food started marketing their new pumpkin spice flavor and most ironically this spice mix doesn’t even contain the orange squash.

The spice mix withheld its foot because it has such an nostalgic connection to an element of American culture. Since pumpkin pie is a staple in thanksgiving and this new marketing agenda advertises it’s product by giving a high rise of nostalgia to the public. Although this spice mix flavored food generally tastes amazing but it gets pretty extra when it even ventures for the pet food.

• Juice cleanser

Juice cleanse is fad diet in which a person consumes only vegetables and fruit’s juices. The
method is that you replace a meal of the day or all the meals by only consuming these fruits and vegetables juices. The popular juice cleanser is touted for its detoxing and promises weight loss and health benefits.

In reality, juice cleansing isn’t particularly healthy. These fruits and vegetables lack carbohydrates and protein. It’s devoid of healthy fats and vitamins like B12. More importantly is has a large amount of sugar that comes from fruits. We can say it’s synthesized or added sugar which is generally unhealthy but consuming at large amount of sugar even if it comes from fruits, is unhealthy.

• Truffle oil

Truffles are rare, expensive and we as consumers should always keep that in mind when we spot some inexpensive truffle oil, or chips flavored with truffle oil in our local grocery stores.

This product was originally manufactured with high quality olive oil infused with some white or black truffles but now it is produced synthetically using ingredients like 2,4- dithiapentane which is an organousulfur compound. It is a colorless liquid with strong odor and just brings out truffles aroma and gives the oil an identical; but fake taste of truffles.

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