The Popular image of a feminist

An impeccable misunderstanding has lead our society built a perspective of a ‘Feminist’. Creating a mindset that feminist wants a different level in the society, a higher level than men, the masses thinks these women want to rule over men, be rebellious where it’s not even needed. But in reality, a real feminist wants equal rights; she doesn’t want to rule over another gender of society. A feminist wants ‘Women’s Rights; child marriage, domestic violence, domestic workers, gender equality, labor rights in the industries, reproductive rights and abortions, sexual violence and rape, women and armed conflict and there are many more. But these are the rights they demand from the judiciary they are seeking to diminish the gender inequality in society. They lookout for a society where masses would not disdain their abilities based on their gender.

Let’s look why and how this popular image of a feminist has been portrait to the masses:

Feminist acts are rebellion against the uncanny norms and customs of the society, the customs that masses followed in the last few decades were suppressing women and their abilities, there was a certain characteristic portrayed to or forced to be portrayed for women. They had long lists for women that they ought to be polite, pious, elegant, there should be a certain behavior followed by women and these norms were making females suffocate. Some parts of society managed to struggle in the despairing lives, but few stood out by not following these incoherent norms. They displayed their rebelliousness through being carefree and unsophisticated. This leads the masses to think feminist is very outspoken, gauche and possess the masculine characteristics. This does not mean that feminists are unsophisticated or insolent. The women who displayed their rebelliousness wanted to show that an individual’s characteristics are not denoted by its gender. 

Movies and beauty standards play a huge impact on the masses, with them presenting women without blemishes and scars, soft shiny hair, curvaceous yet slim. Soft skin, big beautiful eyes and especially almost no  body hair, but the reality is completely opposite, an individual can never live up to the beauty standards of the media. Life is hard, a person strives to fulfill the needs first, the education, job, money, family, food, etc. The real struggle leads a person too tired, the skin gets blemishes, the failure to offer scars and in all this and if a person tries to match herself with these unnecessary beauty standards, she will be distressed. Stagnant grief might come their way. To this problem, feminists fight, because this is one of the biggest issues that a woman faces in her lifetime. A feminist comes out with her blemished skin and unshaven legs because they wanted to show the real truth, a human with life long-suffering, or even a few less has scars and blemishes, it is very unkind to still hope for a flawless human being. But this doesn’t demonstrate that feminist likes to present themselves as an unsophisticated individual who doesn’t shave their body hair, their actual motive is to display women with different characteristics, they want women to make their choices how they please, if a woman wants to tame her frizzy hair down, or shave her legs, or try remedies to lighten her blemishes, or if she simply doesn’t fit her interest into these things and wants to focus her energy somewhere else without feeling bad or guilty about her appearance. It’s a women’s choice.

 We can blame movies to portrait feminist as misandrists and an unsophisticated person who doesn’t really care about her looks, these kinds of movies were made back in the early 2000s where the media was battling for the portrayal of this gender, whether they wanted to display a woman sweet, gentle and caring mostly playing a love interest of the main male character, or make a woman-centric movies to demonstrate women empowerment in the society but since the image of a feminist was still obscure. The media portrayed a feminist to be misandrist, rebellious, who just wants to be independent, who thinks she can live alone, she doesn’t want a man in her life and so on. Though the media industry has evolved in the past few years this image of a feminist still lingers somewhere in our society.

Feminists do not hate Men:

Factually women want independence, but it does not denote that they hate men. As a matter of fact, we see in past 6-8 decades women depended on men; it bound them to believe that females are under men. Men were the ones who would provide women, first her father or brother then her husband and if he dies the son would provide the women. Plus, women did not useto earn and even if they did, it was a very little amount of money, maybe this is the reason that men used to pay on the dates because the women didn’t have money. But now as time has changed, women are educated, and they earn. They earn well and our grabbing onto all sorts of careers her aim for. They do not hate men; they want to be free and independent and want a man by their side, not to provide them things but for having a good company.

Despite these changes, we as a society still lacks to empower women, there are still some issues we face daily in our lives which linger on the hem of women’s empowerment. The gender pay gap is still an issue in many countries like the United States of America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Turkey and many more. The rights to abortion and reproduction are an issue in many countries. Rape cases are still growing in numbers in the past decade; countries like India, South Africa, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and the United States of America are in the top ten rape list. Beauty standards are still pointing out to the women’s physical insecurities. They set these standards to market their products so they could earn the profit. Though we are in the process of change, there is still a long way to go.

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